www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in Sathyabama University Distance Education

By | December 15, 2015

www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in Sathyabama University Distance Education

Satyabma University as www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in offers so many courses of all the types. There are Technical as well as Non-Technical courses offered by the university Distance Education. Large numbers of Sathyabama University candidates are currently completing their studies through the Satyabana University Distance Education. Also there are so many Sathyabama University Distance Education Courses, offered by the Satyabama university www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in.

LogoSathyabama UniversityAlso these days, there are most number of candidates are preferring to complete their studies though the Sathyabama University Distance Learning Mode. The admission for all these distance courses are now going to be started for the current academic year www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in.

There are so many courses offered by the Satyabama University www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in. Also so many fields of study are offered by this university. So there are so many candidates who gets their study for these various courses.

The Sathyabama University admission for the current academic year are going to start, so all those candidates who are going to get their admission in any of these courses are requested to download the Application Form and to get all the details regarding this admission process. So all the candidates should go to the official site and get all these details from this official site www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in.

Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
  • B.E – Computer Science and Engineering
  • M.E – Computer Science and Engineering
Department of Information Technology
  • B.Tech – Information Technology
  • M.Tech – Information Technology
  Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.E – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • M.E – Power Electronics
  Faculty of Electronics Engineering
Department of  Electronics and Communication Engineering
  •  B.E –Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Tech – VLSI Design
  • M.Tech – Nano Technology
  • M.E – Embedded systems
Department of  Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  •  B.E – Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering
  • M.E – Applied Electronics
Department of  Electronics and Control Engineering
  •  B.E – Electronics and Control Engineering
  • M.E – Electronics and Control
Department of  Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  •  B.E – Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
  Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E – Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E – Automobile Engineering
  • M.E – Thermal Engineering
Department of Mechanical & Production  Engineering
  •  B.E – Mechanical and Production Engineering
  • M.E – Computer Aided Design
Department of Aeronautical  Engineering
  •  B.E – Aeronautical Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
  • B.E – Civil Engineering
  • M.E – Structural Engineering
Faculty of Management Studies
Department of Business Administration
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Department of Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech – Chemical Engineering
  • M.E – Environmental Engineering
Faculty of BioEngineering
Department of BioTechnology
  • B.Tech – BioTechnology
  • M.Tech – BioTechnology
Department of BioMedical Engineering
  • B.Tech – BioMedical Engineering
  • M.Tech – Medical Instrumentation
Department of BioInformatics
  • B.Tech – BioInformatics
  • M.Tech – BioInformatics
  Faculty of Architecture
Department of Architecture
  • B.Arch – Bachelor   of Architecture
  • M.Arch – Building Sciences
  Faculty of Science and Humanities
Department of Computer Applications
  • MCA – Master of Computer Applications
Department of Electronic Sciences
  • M.Sc (Software Engineering) – 5 Years
  • M.Sc(Computer Technology) – 5 Years
Department of Biosciences
  • M.Sc- BioTechnology
  • M.Sc – MicroBiology
  • M.Phil – BioTechnology
Department of Visual Communication
  • B.Sc – Visual Communication
Department of Hotel Management
  • B.Sc – Hotel & Catering Management
Department of Commerce
  • B.A – Economics
  • B.A – Corporate Secretaryship
  • B.Com – Bachelor of Commerce
  Faculty of Education
Department of Education
  • B.Ed – Bachelor of Education
  • M.Ed – Master of Education
  Faculty of Medicine
Department of Dental Sciences
  • B.D.S – Bachelor of Dental Surgery

These days, all those candidates who have completed their graduation and their study, prefer to complete their further study while doing their job, so this is why the distance learning mode of study have been popular for all these courses. All these details for the admissions of the current academic year have been started and all these details regarding the admission process are updated on the official site. So all these candidates are requested to check the official site www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in.

Link for the official site is provided below, just click on that link:

Official Site: www.sathyabamauniversity.ac.in

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