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Career In Food Technology

Food Technology is a study of making different types of food, packaging, hygiene and storage its distribution. As the ready-made food demand has increased in India, food processing industry has gained lots of advantage. Packed food includes milk, salt, fish, vegetables, spices, etc. At present there are many opportunities available for food Technology Professionals. Course… Read More »

Career in Footwear Designing

Like clothes footwear also play an important role in improving personality. So footwear designers and related technology experts demand as increased same like fashion designers. Due to raise in demand of footwear’s many national and international companies have started work in this field. so there is lots of job opportunities in this field of footwear… Read More »

Career Opportunities In IT Sector

Demands for computer in different sectors have given rise to IT Sector. There are many job opportunities in this sector. Computer is demand of growing nation. Growing demand of computers from past two decades has been profitable for IT Sector. In upcoming days there will be increase in demand of IT Professionals. There are many… Read More »