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Career in Footwear Designing

Like clothes footwear also play an important role in improving personality. So footwear designers and related technology experts demand as increased same like fashion designers. Due to raise in demand of footwear’s many national and international companies have started work in this field. so there is lots of job opportunities in this field of footwear… Read More »

Career In PhotoJournalism

Photography is a better hobby, other side from the point of career also it is a better option. In present status photojournalism is hot career trend with the help of that you give information about news. Demand of Photojournalist has increased in media field. Personal Quality : For photography a person must have good imaginative thinking… Read More »

Career in Chocolate Making

Chocolatiers are Special kind of chef who has achieved a great position in Chocolate making. Chocolates have been always popular among children and older this is the reason Market of chocolates has been always a hot market in every country, now there a lot of improvement in this field. Many Indian and Foreign companies have come forward in it with… Read More »

Career in Yoga

Yoga and meditation not only helps in maintain good health but also helps in making career in this field. Physical and mental control from yoga is now famous all over the world. Even in gym, health clubs, corporate, schools and colleges everywhere yoga classes are arranged. Now in different magazines and articles we get to… Read More »