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Career In Food Technology

Food Technology is a study of making different types of food, packaging, hygiene and storage its distribution. As the ready-made food demand has increased in India, food processing industry has gained lots of advantage. Packed food includes milk, salt, fish, vegetables, spices, etc. At present there are many opportunities available for food Technology Professionals. Course… Read More »

Career In Nanotechnology

As per the increase demand in market of nanotechnology, it has gained students interest . Nanotechnology means knowledge about small technical parts. Any compound that is given smaller shape there appears a change in its physical, chemical, electrical, magnetic etc qualities. For Making these changes Nanotechnology study is done. This study is a mixture of… Read More »

Career In Waste Management

The motive of waste management is to save environmental pollution and to make best out of waste. At present there is a raise of the professionals in this field. In last few years people has become more concern towards environment. Government has also raised some schemes to look after environment. Even in schools and colleges… Read More »

Career in Hotel Management

Rapidly increasing Hotel Industry has lots of career options in which both money and success is there . A few years back students doing hotel management course had only two options of job that was to manage hotel industry and job in any restaurant. Now the situation has changed after doing Hotel Management course there… Read More »

Career Opportunities in Management Field

Management students are capable to start their own business except job. Management has many options, now many more options are being introduced. BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and MPO (Market Process Outsourcing) now in these companies there are many opportunities. Actually all small and big sales companies are searching management students for… Read More »