Online textbook Rental

By | August 31, 2016

Online textbooks rental India

Imagine those days when we had spent our entire pocket money buying expensive text books and other reference books and after every academic year we had to sell those books at a bargain price or had to give them for free to the juniors? But now, no more buying expensive books, as you can rent it from various textbook rentals online. There are plenty of organizations working online all over the world to provide budget-priced textbook rentals for the students who are not able to afford many expensive textbooks and Online textbook Rental.

Online textbook Rental

Online textbook Rental & How the textbook rental system works?

Online textbooks Rental can be rented by booking and paying online. Once you secure a choice of any book from the online portal, the book is delivered at your doorstep. Many a times, the user can secure the book on the website, give the address details, and opts for cash on delivery.

Online textbook Rental in India

Many sites have a summed up membership subscription charge (weekly, monthly or yearly) which, when paid, the user can browse through unlimited books and can rent any book of his or her choice and the book gets delivered at the doorsteps. Many sites do not charge late fees even, and the user can keep it as long as he or she wishes to keep the books. However, any damage or mark in the books is often not considered by these sites, and the user may have to pay a fine for that.

Online textbook Rental & Popular textbook rental sites in India

Though this textbook rental site is a relatively new concept in India, a few entrepreneurs have started venturing this arena and getting an overwhelming response. One of these sites is, the brainchild of Vishesh Jayawanth. According to Vishesh, around 2,500-3,000 INR spends on an average per semester for each engineering student on textbooks. This 24-years old young entrepreneur aims to provide a little help for all those needy students who would need to buy books for any professional degree.

At present, has an online library of around 35 thousand textbooks for fulfilling the needs of Karnataka University 1st year students. However, this textbook rental site aims to launch books for other semesters as well and books for MBBS aspirants.

Another textbook rental site is, initiated by Sameer Tulpule. The site was built with an aim to conserve trees by reusing the textbooks and saving money in this process. This online textbook rental service functions like any ordinary site, and aids the students by providing them their required textbooks without much of their pocket pinch.

Every time a student uses this rental service, the site members plant a tree. The whole system works on a social responsibility model, and steps further towards greener earth. The online textbook rental site provides B.Sc., Engineering and Diploma textbooks for the students appearing respective exams. Till date, has more than 900 registered users, and they are dreaming to get a bigger clientele with passing years. They have till date delivered over 3500 textbooks to their users.

Online textbook rental service is a great step towards keeping the earth green while aiding the needy students.

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  1. Sumit

    there are other book renting website like in delhi renting books at 65% to 80% off.

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  3. umashankar

    Dear Sir,

    I need to buy the following books.

    Subject Name of The Book Author Publication
    TOYOTA PRODUCTION SYSTEM The Toyota Way Jeffrey K. Liker  MaGraw-Hill Edition, New Delhi, 2004.
    Lean Production Simplified Pascal Dennis  Productivity Press, 2007. 2nd Edition
    PRODUCT DESIGN Product Design: Techniques in Reverse Engineering and New Product Development T1. Otto, Kevin and Kristin Wood Pearson Education, 2001. 
    Total Quality Management  Total Quality Management Besterfield, Dale H. Pearson Education, 3rd Revised Edition, 2011. 
    Manufacturing Organization and Management Manufacturing Organization and Management T1. Amrine Harold T. Pearson Education 6th Ed., 1993.  

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