How To Dress For an Interview – Interview Tips

By | May 1, 2016

For interview the way your preparation for post is important, same way your look is also important, looking from far only shows your preparation for interview and your self confidence. Let it be boys or girls for interview don’t ignore your smartness.

Points to Remember :

1- Decide one day before what to wear and iron it.

2 – Color of shirt should be light and of pant should be dark, for shirt you can choose light blue, yellow, white etc. Do not choose colors like red, orange, black etc. Sleeves should be full and girls don’t wear cut sleeves.

3- To give your clothes formal look boys wear tie that should reach your belt and girls can wear scarf.

4- Color of belt and shoes must be same that means black shoes with black belt and white shoes with white belt.

5- During winter you can wear suit but color of court and pant should be same and also the fabric should be same. Color of suit should be black, dark blue or grey. Girls can wear skirt but skirt should be more than knee length.

6-  Your dress should not be torn from anywhere, wear neat and tidy dress only.

7- Comb your hair properly.

8- Boys don’t forget to shave.

9- Nails should be cut. If girls nails are big than it should be clean and polished.

10- While going for interview don’t do dark make up and don’t apply strong perfumes and girls don’t wear jewelry for interview.

11- Don’t keep mobile or keys in your pocket it loses the look of your dress.

12- Arrange Bio data and other documents properly in one folder.

13- Keep Hygiene in mind.

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    Sir Iam studying MCA in ubdt college davangere Karnataka state,so when u will come to davangere to take an interview so please suggest me….

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