Career in Yoga

By | June 29, 2012

Yoga and meditation not only helps in maintain good health but also helps in making career in this field.
Physical and mental control from yoga is now famous all over the world. Even in gym, health clubs, corporate, schools and colleges everywhere yoga classes are arranged. Now in different magazines and articles we get to see yoga postures this proves that it has become popular. In yoga there is money, respect and self satisfaction. So looking towards it is a better career option, you can also look after your family needs and help people to stay healthy.

Qualification Required :

Many institutes have diploma and P.HD courses related to this field. In different institutes according the courses qualification is required; any stream student can do this course.

Personal Qualities :

You should have interest in yoga along with that you have knowledge about structure of human body. Along with knowledge of different asana and pranayam, regular practice is compulsory. Teaching ability is also necessary.

Opportunities :

After Completing the study of yoga, you can work in any institute as Yoga Instructor or you can work as yoga consultant. you can also open your own Studio.If you have talent then you can earn good amount of money in this field.Everything is depend on your ability and knowledge of Market.
You can also get opportunity to work as a Yoga Teacher in Gym, Health club, Corporate house, Yoga Studio, School-Colleges, NGO and Hospitals etc.

Main Institutes :

Morarji Desai National Yoga Institute, New Delhi.

Kevalya Dham Yoga Institute, Lonavala Pune.

Bihar Yoga School, Mungair.

Krishnan Acharya Yoga Mandir, Chennai.

Yoga Therapy Center, Mumbai.

Pranab Yoga Dham, Mysore.

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