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By | March 12, 2017

At present the rising popularity of Vastushastra one can search ways of career in this field.
From past 20 years there have been made lots of researches related to vastushastra . Modern Vastu Experts using the scientific ways to test any building, this is the reason vastu is also gaining importance in the field of science. There is competition between people to gain success in new house, new office and new shops because of which they don’t want to lose any chance that may raise question towards their progress. This is the only reason people have starting constructing their places according to vastu rules so their success is predefined. So keeping this in mind vastu experts are required, so one can gain proper knowledge of it and make career in this field.

Structure Of Work :

Work of vastu expert is to look building properly and help to built it with the help of vastu rules. Vastu experts have knowledge and tools which help them to future effect of that particular area. First they find negative points of that place and try to give suggestions that may help to reduce the effect of negativity of that area.

Helpful To Everyone :

Architects, Engineer, Doctors, Interior designer, Chartered accountant etc anyone can gain vastu knowledge. Now a day’s architects and interior designers are doing this course.

Structure Of Course :

Students who want to make career in vastu are given practical knowledge, so that they can gain self confidence in using this technique. For this scientific research and documentary research should be chosen. By Studying vastu you will not get only knowledge of the subject but also gain self confidence and option of a career.

Full Of Possibilities :

For studying vastu one must have good concentration power, mind lacking concentration can’t make career in vastushastra. Communication skill should be better and regular practice is required. Even you should know to study the map properly.

Opportunities :

Vastu expert have a special knowledge which helps in constructing any buildings, so one can get job in companies related to construction. There is always demand of vastu experts by builders, architects and interior designers. If you have proper knowledge and self confidence you can start as consultation or also works as teaching staff in institute to train others.

Main Institutes :

Omkar Foundation, New Delhi
www. mahavastu. com

Vastu world, Pune
www. vastuworld. com

Disha Institute of Vastu, New Delhi
www. pyravastu. com/courseshtml. com

International Vastu Academy, Jaipur
www. vastuacademy. com

International Institute of Vaidic Culture, New Delhi.
www. vaidicvastu. com .

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