Career In Nanotechnology

By | February 14, 2017

As per the increase demand in market of nanotechnology, it has gained students interest . Nanotechnology means knowledge about small technical parts. Any compound that is given smaller shape there appears a change in its physical, chemical, electrical, magnetic etc qualities. For Making these changes Nanotechnology study is done. This study is a mixture of physics, bio- infotecs, chemistry and engineering.

Increased Requirement :

Nanotechnology is required in Information technology, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Energy, Chemicals, Environment, Cosmetics, Textiles, Food, Agriculture, Space research, Genetics etc. So there is a lot of opportunities in this field. This technology is also helpful in controlling pollution.

Types of Courses :

To make career in Nanotechnology M-Tech or Msc Degree is required. For getting Admission on Msc in Nanotechnology one must have scored 50% marks in graduation in any one of the following subjects physics, chemistry, mathematics, life science along with bachelor degree. Material science, Bio technology, Electronics, Computer science, Bio-Medical etc, graduate students can also apply for M-TECH course. In this field five years of integrated M-Tech and also other specialized courses are available.

Chances of Job :

In the fields where Nanotechnology is required there professionals are given chance. Except job in research and development field also have great opportunity, Even in teaching field also there is good option.

Main Institutes :

Indian Institute of science, Bengaluru.

Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi.

IIT. Kanpur and other Universities.

National physical laboratory, Delhi.

National chemical laboratory, Pune.

Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, Noida.

Central scientific instruments organization, Chandigarh.

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