Career in Chocolate Making

By | November 18, 2016

Chocolatiers are Special kind of chef who has achieved a great position in Chocolate making.
Chocolates have been always popular among children and older this is the reason Market of chocolates has been always a hot market in every country, now there a lot of improvement in this field. Many Indian and Foreign companies have come forward in it with lots of varieties, so chocolate making is also a good career option. Before this was taken as a hobby but is has also become good profession. Chocolate maker has become an important part of the hospitality industry. So if you want to make career in this you have to take specialized training.

Personal Skill :

Chocolate making is an art which is introduced with proper co – ordination of eatables. So for this being creative is necessary, one side you have to keep in mind that along with a taste you also have work on its look than only customers specially children will get attracted towards it. You also have to work on its packaging.

Course and Qualification Required :

There are very few Institutes available related to this course, where they teach about Europe, Asia and America’s different variety of chocolates. During teaching chef also provides lots of knowledge. This teaching is also included in hotel management courses. Any student who has passed 12th or graduate from any stream can apply for this course.

Opportunities :

After doing this course you work with an expert as a trainee than with your experience you can get a job. Except job in chocolates companies you can get a job in confectioneries, 5 star hotels, restaurants etc. You can also work as a chocolate tester, this is a field where you can start with your own brand also. Then you can sell your products in bakery, gift stores, Co operate houses etc. You can also open your own outlet.

Top Institutes :

Chocolate Academy, Mumbai.

chocolate-academy. com

Craft and Special Development Organization, New Delhi.

candleclassesandmaterial. com

Swiss wrap Chocolate Academy, Mumbai.

swisswrapchocolates. com .